Here’s what former patients have to say about Kay:

After 6 months and 2 epidurals I was still having a lot of lower back pain that was effecting the quality of my life. I was used to being active and working out 3 times a week, but it was adding to my back pain. I was scheduled for a 3rd epidural when I met Kay. Now 6 weeks later, I have cancelled the the epidural and close to 100% pain free. Hooray! The method she uses makes so much sense and is uncomplicated and easy to follow. Her skill and confident patient demeanor instilled confidence in me and she was able to give me a result that I didn’t think was possible.

~ Nancy O.

I had experienced lower back pain (lumbar spine) for a few years before meeting Kay. Despite other interventions like chiropracty, massage, and yoga my pain was getting worse to the point where flexibility and movement was being compromised in everyday life. My spirits were down. After being introduced to Kay’s practice, she started me on a program called the McKenzie Method. She brings real expertise to the table teaching this method and carefully explains each step to the patient. Kay has a genuine and down-to-earth way about her that helps the patient feel supported and comfortable. She really listened to my feedback and answered all my questions and concerns which were many. After several weeks of doing the prescribed program, my pain is backing off and I’m looking forward to resuming my normal lifestyle! Dr. Scanlon is a true professional and she comes highly recommended.

~ Peter

Kay Scanlon applies her knowledge of the McKenzie approach to physical therapy with skill and patience. She helped me to reduce my pain levels due to cervical disc herniation and bone spurs. The home exercises she gave me to manage/reduce my own pain levels were helpful. I use them frequently to keep my neck in good condition. I highly recommend her as a physical therapist.

~ Louis Tenaglia

I am impressed with the McKenzie method for relieving spinal pain and with Kay Scanlon’s mastery of McKenzie techniques.

My primary complaints were lumbar disk injuries (L4-5) with constant, radiating lower back pain. After only a few weeks, I was almost pain-free (which I did not think possible after 6 months of constant pain after a fall) and now, my back is pain-free thanks to Kay’s skills and diligence.

My healing process was complicated by several other injuries to my ankle, shoulder, hip sand neck. Kay’s warm personality and patience, her experience and knowledge have been a comfort and the exercises she has suggested have resulted in reduced pain in all areas. As I continue treatment, all areas are pain-free except one, my shoulder, and Kay is persistent in finding the root causes and practices to assist me in healing.

I was recommended to Kay Scanlon by my excellent, regular physical therapist because of Kay’s expertise with relieving disk pain through her mastery of the McKenzie techniques. My P.T. referred to Kay as “her mentor”. Kay has that level of expertise and experience.

It is worth the time to make the 45 minute drive to Jenkintown to get this quality of care. Kay said I would know if McKenzie techniques would work for me in one session and she was right. I heartily recommend Kay Scanlon as a masterful physical therapist.

~ Sally Weaver, PhD

I met Kay at a networking event and knew that I was going to need a PT. I have been suffering with low back and lower leg problems for several years. My doctor recommended a shot of cortisone and then PT. I opted out of the cortisone and called Kay. I am so impressed by Kay and the McKenzie method. What a great way to take care of pain through exercise that relieves the pain and heals the body. It is wonderful to know that I can help myself without medications that have serious side effects. I have been so impressed by the results that I have referred a friend of mine from the gym and better yet, my personal trainer who has helped her clients get better with Kay’s help. I feel fortunate to know Kay as a professional as well as friend.

~ Jean K. Dilley

I am a very physically active person–doing fast power walking three and a half miles almost every day and going to the gym about 5 times a week. When i first was referred to Kay, I had not been able to do any working out for several years due to a problem with my right leg and my right elbow. I had been in other therapy unsuccessfully. Kay got me back doing everything I loved to do in a very short time and has really given me my life back. Recently I was having trouble with my lower back (a problem that I’ve had on and off since I was much younger) and in a matter of two days I had great relief from the pain and now I know what to do at the first sign of it recurring. SEE HER !!!!!!!

~ Lee Snyder

Hi Kay, Just had to tell you that I feel 95% back to normal today. So far, no episodes of nerve pain. I felt confident enough to get behind the wheel again. You are a miracle worker! Be assured that I am doing my exercises and using my “roll”. See you Monday. Have a fabulous weekend,

~ Sandy Valentine

Kay mentored me through my MDT training and certification process a few years ago. She has been an excellent resource for patient cases and professional growth for me as a PT. However a few months ago Kay helped me as a patient. I was at a conference and developed numbness, tingling and weakness down my right leg and had foot drop for several days. I was very scared as a PT about not being able to continue my job or roles as a mom to 2 young children. Also I was set to do the Broad Street Run and trained really hard for a few months. It was 2 weeks away. I went to see Kay upon my return as she was able to schedule me in ASAP. I felt significantly better after one session and she progressed me quickly. Not only was I able to go to work the next day, but I did end up doing the Broad Street run 2 weeks later with minimal weakness, completing the race in just over one minute off my personal best time. I attribute that moreso to lack of training time prior to my injury however. I also was able to go right back to playing and caring for my children most importantly. I cannot thank Kay enough.

~ Kelly Duszak

I first went to Dr. Kay Scanlon on November 7th with severe sciatica, unable to sleep, sit, or walk. Today, December 30th, I completed my sessions, freed totally from pain for the first time in four years. The McKenzie Method, expertly applied by Dr. Scanlon, succeeded where other physical therapies did not. In addition, I am confident I can manage my back problem by simply continuing what I have learned from her. My gratitude is boundless!
~ MM Harris

After years of chronic lower back issues and prompted by a friends recommendation I made an appointment to see Kay. Kay quickly and adeptly instituted a program that began paying immediate dividends in terms of pain relief. Kay developed for me a simple and easy program which I am now using to maintain the health of my back.

~ S.G.

I lead a very active lifestyle with bicycle touring, skiing, and hiking, not to mention keeping up with four grandchildren! I was recently diagnosed with a deranged disk in the lumbar area of my back, which manifested itself in significant lower back pain, as well as radiating pain down my left quad muscle. I went through conventional physical therapy, as well as other alternative medical treatments and didn’t really get any significant relief. I was recommended to Dr. Kay Scanlon, a certified diplomate in the McKenzie Method (recommended by orthopedic doctors that I saw at both Temple and Einstein). Within one week, I had realized about a 40 to 50% decrease in pain, and within 6 to 8 weeks of very simple daily exercising, my pain had completely disappeared and I was able to carefully start resuming my normal activities. What’s nice is that Kay is also a cyclist and can relate to cycling posture, the effects on back injury/repair, and an active life style. I would thoroughly recommend Dr. Kay Scanlon to anyone where the McKenzie Method may be a viable remedy.

~ Doug Mueller

This system of physical therapy has been the best ever. When my back and neck starts feeling twinges of discomfort and pain, I just use the skills I’ve been taught and I’m back on track!

~ Judith Jennings

I sought Kay out for therapy because I was being pushed into back surgery that I had no intention of ever ever ever going thru. I researched McKenzie Therapy for rehab and felt that this is what I needed. And I immediately googled for a McKenzie Therapist . Kay returned my e-mail request for an appointment within a day. And within 2 weeks I was able to stand,and walk better and just had such pain lifted as I learned that I could heal with the correct help! I have been a cheerleader for McKenzie and have given Kay’s info to many! A few have reached out to her. People have to come to an is in case of an accident, a point of No Return. McKenzie Therapy is something you do as a learning course. another part of becoming educated…to heal and to understand how to care for your own body.

~ Roberta, Jenkintown, Pa.

* What is your first name? ​ Cheryl
* What town do you live in?​ Elkins Park
* Why did you seek out Kay? ​ I had herniated two discs and needed PT to help with healing.
* How did Kay improve your life and keep you pain-free? How did that make you feel? ​ From the beginning, Kay was there to minimize my pain with lots of caring, gentle check-ins during our sessions and clear instructions between sessions. There was ample encouragement and celebration of progress until the very end.
* Would you encourage your friends and family to visit Kay if they have pain? Why?​ Absolutely! Kay’s approach and use of McKenzie Methods allowed me to heal 100% and have the confidence to regain full mobility. I also know what to do if I begin to have pain return. She is a rare gem of a practitioner and should be your first stop for PT.

My name is Rich and I live in Jenkintown. I am a masters athlete and a competitive rower. I herniated a lumbar disc that gave me a painful radiculopathy and put me out of commission for any form of training, so I was desperate to get back into it without surgery. I sought Kay out because she was endorse by the McKenzie method and other physical therapists gave me a one size fits all approach – which did not work. Kay figured out some key things about my condition and was able to prescribe the right set of exercises. In addition she was able to work with the epidural pain management that I was also getting. It took a a solid six months but I was able to start training again and am now back in race shape. I still have pain but it’s mild and manageable, does not radiate, and does not prevent me from racing. Most importantly, Kay taught me that the McKenzie method can be adapted for life. I now refer every athlete I meet with back pain to the McKenzie method and Kay Scanlon.

Thanks Kay!

~ Rich, Jenkintown, Pa.

Kay Scanlon has helped me with hip, back, neck and shoulder pain over the past few years. I had a rotator cuff tear in my shoulder that severely limited motion in my left arm. I couldn’t raise my arm more than a few inches. I tried traditional physical therapy and after twelve sessions, I wasn’t any better and the pain sometimes felt worse. I was discouraged because I was about to have an MRI and cortisone injections. Instead, I saw Kay and by the end of my first session, I made such significant improvement that I was able to lift my arm about 80% of the way up. Kay gave me very simple exercises and after 6 sessions, I had my full range of motion back and my pain was gone. I was able to get back to yoga, Zumba and even kayaking! I’ve had similar experiences with Kay when I had hip, lower back, neck and herniated disc issues. The best thing is that I know what to do when pain starts to return. Using the Mackenzie method, Kay has taught me very simple exercises to both prevent and to heal pain as soon as it starts to return. I feel extremely lucky to have found her and would recommend her highly to anone who needs physical therapy.

~ Debbie, Glenside, Pa.