Find The Right Physical Therapist Close to Elkins Park

Being on your feet all day or sitting for an 8-hour workday means you probably have bad posture. If this means you have chronic back, neck or joint pain, such as arthritis, it doesn’t have to be that way. I’m a physical therapist holding a Diploma in McKenzie and with my help, I can teach you how to use your body to make the pain go away forever – without the use of medications or constant visits to the chiropractor.

I can help you get rid of pain associated with almost any musculoskeletal condition including:
Back pain
• Neck pain
• Bulging & herniated discs
• Sciatica
• Arthritis
• And other common physical therapy conditions

Call (215) 884-1709 today to make your appointment for your free 15-minute consultation. Don’t forget to print out the coupon below.

Free 15-Minute Physical Therapy Consultation with Kay

Catch Kay Teaching Her Physical Therapy Techniques at the Elkins Park Library

Kay is an avid speaker because she wants to spread the word about the McKenzie Method and how, with the right guidance and knowledge, your body can begin to heal itself. Recently, she spoke at the Elkins Park Free Library giving a lecture about why the McKenzie Method may work for you, even if every other attempt to get rid of the pain has failed. Call Kay at (215) 884-1709 to find where she’ll be speaking next!

Learn Why Roberta Is A Fan of Kay and The McKenzie Method of Physical Therapy

“I sought Kay out for therapy because I was being pushed into back surgery. I researched McKenzie Therapy for rehab and felt that this was what I needed. I immediately googled for a McKenzie Therapist and Kay returned my e-mail request for an appointment within a day.

And within 2 weeks, I was able to stand and walk better. As the pain began to lessen, I realized that I could heal with the correct help!

I have been a cheerleader for McKenzie and have given Kay’s info to many! McKenzie Therapy is something you do to heal and to understand how to care for your own body.”

Why don’t more people know about the McKenzie Method of Physical Therapy?

• First, it was only introduced into the United States in the 1980’s.
• Secondly, the training to become credentialed is costly and time-consuming. There are 5 postgraduate courses that must be taken before one can sit for the Credentialing exam. Only after successfully passing that exam can one use the credentials “Cert MDT” after their name. This is the MINIMUM level of competency recognized within the McKenzie Institute.
• Thirdly, the Diplomate status, which is the highest level of training afforded by the McKenzie Institute, requires several years of research, instruction and one-on-one 10 week fellowship training with a faculty member.

There are only 83 Diplomat McKenzie therapists in the entire USA! Only Diplomats can apply to hold Credentialed Clinic status. I am the only Diplomat in the five counties surrounding Philadelphia and the only Credentialed Clinic in Pennsylvania.

Directions to Kay from Wall Park in Elkins Park

I’m only 1 mile away from Elkins Park!

• Head north on Wallpark Dr toward Church Rd (PA-2023)
• Turn left onto Church Rd (PA-2023)
• Take the 1st right onto Meetinghouse Rd
• Turn left onto PA-611 N also known as Old York Rd
• My physical therapy clinic will be on the right in The Pavilion
• Come up to the 7th floor – My suite is 701 – Welcome!

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