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“I have a herniated or bulging disc – NOW WHAT???

 Surgery, PT, acupuncture, injections:  what are my options? How do I choose?”
There is a safe and effective treatment that may give you relief in the first or second visit!
Hear information to allow you to make a better decision about your options.   Hear what the latest research has to say about these procedures.


Could you plant all these mums without getting back pain? Neither could I!
My neighbor often suffers from back pain after gardening. In spite of my encouragement to perform periodic back bends, she often forgets to do this and the following day she is seeking my help for her pain.
Two weeks ago, we were working in the yard together and I reminded her to stop every 15-20 minutes and perform 10 back bends. She was amazed to experience NO BACK PAIN the following day!

Often, we develop back pain because we want to “finish that job” and be done with it, but we forget the importance of taking frequent breaks to perform the opposite movement. Taking just a few seconds to interrupt the forward bending with some back bends can be the ticket to avoiding an episode of back pain. It really is that simple!

Research Corner

Recent research about back pain medication

A recent randomized control trial performed in Australia showed some interesting findings:

Acetaminophen is often prescribed rather than non-steroidal inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) because Acetaminophen is considered a much safer drug with fewer side effects, therefore it is widely prescribed for pain.

This study demonstrated however; there was no difference with acetaminophen vs. placebo for treating acute low back pain.

Once again, we are learning that mechanical back pain can only be treated with mechanical therapy. Drugs have no beneficial effect with this type of pain.


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New Service:  Ergonomic evaluations!!!

If you are having difficulty adjusting your chair or computer at home or at work there is help available!
 I am able to come to your home or office to evaluate and provide suggestions to allow you to be more comfortable.   (Fee based on time and distance)   Call me for an appointment! 215 884 1709.



Complimentary Consultations! Help a friend! If you know someone who you believe would benefit from McKenzie PT, but they are reluctant or say “they’ve already been to PT”, just give them this coupon. I’ll be happy to sit down with them and discuss their particular problem and describe the differences with the McKenzie Method.