Upcoming events
“Treat your Own Back!!!”
Monday, December 1st @12:00 noon
“Lunch and Learn” Event
Abington YMCA
1073 Old York Road, Abington, PA
Free: however, registration required.
Call  Alexis at: 215-884-9622 ext 1871


Announcing the opening of Phoenixville office
When:  As of, Wednesday,  December 3, 2014
 Where:  1260 Valley Forge Road, Suite 104
Phoenixville, PA  19460
215 884 1709 (Jenkintown Office)
215 219 9389  (cell phone)
I am sharing space in a professional office.  This location will not be accepting Medicare patients at this time.
Wednesdays only at this location.


How do I know if the pain I experience is hurting vs. harming me?

“Hurt” is not necessarily a bad thing, stretching tight  tissue produces pain (“hurt”)  is necessary to restore the normal tissue flexibility.  “Harm” is  a bad thing, as this may cause lasting damage to tissue.  How do you know is you are causing hurt versus harm?
Use the traffic light analogy.
If you perform a movement and experience no pain, then this is a safe activity for you:  GREEN LIGHT
If you perform a movement and experience pain that fades within minutes following that activity, proceed with caution:   YELLOW LIGHT
If, however;  you perform a movement that worsens your pain, or moves the pain from the spine into the leg or arm and the pain remains worse for more than 10-15 minutes, you may want to avoid that exercise or activity.  RED LIGHT

Research Corner

Recent research about changes in muscle spasms following use of the McKenzie method.

Hagovska M, et al; Changes in the muscle tension of erector spinae after the application of the McKenzie method in patients with chronic low back pain. Phys Med Rehab 24:133-140, 2014.

This study is a comparison of muscle activity in patients who responded favorably to McKenzie treatment and healthy controls.  This study demonstrates that muscle firing (spasming) in spinal muscles was significantly decreased following McKenzie treatment.  This in turn lead to decreased disability and improved function overall.    Treating the muscle spasm by use of medications, massage or acupuncture may provide temporary relief, but to achieve more permanent relief mechanical therapy is often required.


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New Service:  Ergonomic evaluations!!!

If you are having difficulty adjusting your chair or computer at home or at work there is help available!
 I am able to come to your home or office to evaluate and provide suggestions to allow you to be more comfortable.   (Fee based on time and distance)   Call me for an appointment! 215 884 1709.



Complimentary Consultations! Help a friend! If you know someone who you believe would benefit from McKenzie PT, but they are reluctant or say “they’ve already been to PT”, just give them this coupon. I’ll be happy to sit down with them and discuss their particular problem and describe the differences with the McKenzie Method.