1. What is different about McKenzie from other types of physical therapy?

    Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (McKenzie) focuses on finding one movement or position to rapidly abolish pain, and then teaches YOU how to manage your own symptoms. Most patients see a rapid response in the first visit and feel empowered to manage their own pain. Each visit, the symptoms and mechanical signs are reassessed to assure that treatment is progressing in the correct direction. Another hallmark of the McKenzie method is teaching you how to minimize or prevent episodes of pain in the future.

  2. Will my insurance cover the cost of the visit?

    At this time, I can only accept Medicare, Worker’s compensation and Motor Vehicle. I will however, supply you with an itemized receipt suitable for submission to your insurance company for reimbursement. I accept cash or check for payment.

  3. If I am paying privately, how much are the sessions?

    The initial evaluation fee is $125.00 and follow up visits are $84.00.

  4. How long are the sessions?

    The first session lasts one hour, follow up visits generally last 45 minutes to one hour.

  5. Will I always be seen by the physical therapist?

    There is no support staff at Kay Scanlon, PT – you will be seen ONLY by the physical therapist.

  6. Is there anything special I need to bring with me?

    If you have Worker’s compensation, Medicare or Motor Vehicle Insurance, bring the billing information and insurance cards to your first visit. If you have a referral from a physician, bring that with you on your first visit.

  7. How should I dress for the sessions?

    Although no special attire is necessary, it is important for you to be comfortable and in clothing that will allow movement. It is also helpful for me to be able to see the body part that is giving you pain and should be easily accessed during the session. (i.e. knee pain, wear loose fitting pants or bring along shorts to allow visual inspection of the joint.)

  8. Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

    Pennsylvania allows Direct Access which means that Physical Therapists can see patients via self referral if the provider possesses a Direct Access Certificate. I have such a certificate granted from the state which allows me to see you for 30 days without a physician’s referral. Since Medicare is a Federal program and not legislated by the state, a physician must approve the plan of care before treatment can commence. After the initial evaluation with me, the findings and recommendations for physical therapy will be sent to your physician for approval. These are often received back in 1-2 days so the start of care is not usually delayed.

  9. Will my doctor receive my report?

    I always send a report to the referral physician and will be happy to send a report to other physicians if you desire. Just request at the time of your evaluation.

  10. How long will I need to attend physical therapy?

    Most patients fully recover in 8-10 visits. The ability to attend two times per week speeds progress, however, if that is not possible please discuss this at the visit and I will do my best to work out something that assures you continue to make steady progress in your journey to pain free living.

  11. Does McKenzie work only with people who have back and neck pain?

    No! Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy is easily applied to the extremity joints – and in many cases works even faster than in the spine.

  12.  How do I know if my problem is appropriate for Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy?

    If you have pain that is of a musculoskeletal nature a mechanical evaluation should be performed to assess if your problem can be classified and a treatment program developed that will seek resolution. Be assured, that problems which are not of a mechanical nature are quickly ruled out during the evaluation so treatment will not be applied inappropriately.